Why use Biofert fertilizers?

Continuous use of chemicals have destroyed our soil quality and led to stagnating productivity of FFB

Over the last 10 years, oil palm plantations in Malaysia are facing a stagnating productivity of FFB averaging 20 tons/hectare. The production of FFB generally depends on the weather, field management, soil condition and fertilizers. The continuous use of chemical fertilizers alone is causing soil compaction due to its acidifying properties, which would lead to overall low uptake of nutriends. Fertilizer wastage due to surface run-off, leaching, vaporization and nutrients locked up in soil, is a major problem. Furthermore, this soil condition affects aeration, moisture, and nutrients retention properties, growth of rootlets and microbes activities, which are very vital for healthy palm growth and good FFB production.

The Biofert range of bio-chemical fertilizers is a combination of chemical fertilizers, microbes and chelating agent. It contains all the essential mineral nutrients required for oil palm growth and optimal productivity of FFB. The microbes and chelating agent formulated in Biofert products can improve the overall soil condition, hence addressing the above problems faced by planters today.

The microbes in Biofert products will improve soil condition --> Japan Technology

The microbes incoulated into Biofert products are selected to do the critical tasks of: -

  • Freeing up nutrients locked up in soil especially P&K for absorption by the palm.

  • Improving soil condition through decomposition of organic substances giving out polysaccharides and gums which held to bind soil particles to form strong aggregates, which in turn give good soil aeration, high moisture and nutrients retention properties. Feeder roots growth will also be enhanced.

  • Increasing soil organic matter which can help to buffer soil pH, recycle nutrients and chelate micronutrients for maximum uptake and growth.

  • Reducing plant diseases by preventing colonization of pathogents through competing for attachments and food. Hence incidents of diseases like Ganoderma, Fusarium, rust disease and etc are reduced.

The chelating agent in Biofert products will improve nutrients availability --> Taiwan Technology

This electrically charged chelating agent is an excellent temporary parking site for nutrient ions before they are released to be taken up by the palm. Hence, this process can improve nutrients availability and reduce wastage through:

  • Reduction in surface run-off

  • Reduction in leaching into underground water

  • Reduction in vaporization of Nitrogen

  • Reduction in nutrients being locked up in the soil

The nutrients absorption rate by the oil palm will increase in time with use of Biofert due to the chelating agent and microbes

Overall absorption rate of chemical fertilizers, based on a general common knowledge, is only 30% for N ions, 10% for P ions and 40% for K ions, as illustrated in the table below. The reason for the low aborption rate is due to vaporization, leaching & run-off, and ions being locked up with other metals in the soil. A soil of different Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) would have different absorption rates.

With use of Biofert products, the overall absorption rate would improve over time due to the beneficial functions of chelating agents and microbes, as illustrated in the graph below.

With lesser chemical pollutants going into underground water systems, rivers and the sea, Biofert products are more environmental friendly!

As nutrients absorption rate increase with time, Biofert products offer a sustainable solution.


Biofert products can increase overall nutrient absorption rate of the palm, and improve overall soil condition for sustainable healthy palm growth and higher FFB productivity.

It is also more environmental friendly!